Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Needle Pulling Heart

Interview excerpt by Mel. Edwards for Votre Vray Creative Women’s Project

Janet Perry, of, loves needlepoint. “I adored it from the beginning. It took me a long time to satisfy me and make me money, but in ’97 I claimed it. I get enthused. I now see images in stitches and it is a joy to turn the image in my head onto canvas.” Because of her love of her craft, she has a patience with it that many non-stitchers do not. I asked if it was difficult for her and she said, “I have MS but it doesn’t hurt my stitching at all. I have great attention to detail.”

We talked about how the world of needlepoint was compared to other needle arts. “Needlework is very conservative endeavor. It is way behind the curve compared to quilting. The consumer doesn’t understand (always) where you want to go, and your methods of marketing. You must be willing to educate others to be able to accomplish what you wish.” I asked for an example. “I have been doing virtual book tours. My first book came out last August and I did some tours that way. Then, went my second book came out in May, three people said, ‘You were here already,’ and weren’t interested in having me do my tour with them again.”

I was stunned with Janet’s story. Imagine someone telling a fiction writer, “Gee, you wrote one book. Why do we care you’re developing new characters and stories? We know what you’re all about already.” Certainly no one would say that to Stephen King. My ire rose and I really wanted to knock someone in the head. Luckily, Janet is classy enough not to share which three people in the world of virtual book tours said this to her.

Janet advises, “Don’t expect returns for five years. That was advice to me that has turned out to be true. I was told to stick with it and wait for the returns on my work investment. I’ve been persistent. Make sure people know that you’re there. The returns will come.” I wish many happy returns to Janet for many books, project and years to come.
Visit Janet’s site to order Needlepoint Trade Secrets, Bargello Revisited, and a variety of needlepoint designs and supplies.


napaneedlepoint said...

Thanks Mel for the great article. You're inspiring me to stop dawdling today and start stitching.

Keep Stitching,

Carolyn McNeil said...

Thank you for the great article! And thank you Janet for inspiring the rest of us who love needlepoint...
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