Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If Birth to a Loving Mother isn’t Enough of a Gift…

The following is an excerpt of an interview of Tisha DeShields, www.OriginalBellyWorks.com, conducted by Mel. Edwards for the Votre Vray Creative Women Project.

For some women, pregnancy is pure joy at the expectation and anticipation of a new life. Tisha DeShields was one such mother, four times over. “I wanted to leave something tangible but unique for each of my children, something that I could pass on the hopes and dreams for each child in a displayable or creative form.” Thus, the belly cast was born.
When Tisha began, she used plaster kits and sold those. Then, one day while she was in the dentist’s chair, a little voice inside her said, “Mass produce.” Knowing this was the step she needed to grow her brand, she rushed home and began using the power of the Internet to look at what options were out there. Soon she discovered a man who made fiberglass mannequins. “He was willing to do them in small number, and I won’t say they are indestructible, but I will say they don’t crumble (like plaster does). They bounce.” That made her idea less fragile and the options expanded from there.

Who would buy these fiberglass bellies other than expectant mothers? “I had a man buy one and put the family tree on it and give it to his grandmother for her birthday. Adoptive mothers can buy them too.”

What do her children think of the decorated belly casts? “The kids can’t wait to show them off to their friends. Now they help me design new ideas.” I’m not sure she needs much help in that area, as she goes on to explain, “DeAngelo (one son) has his covered with angels. DeLino (her other boy) has a baseball theme on his, and the girls, Diamond and Denim, have crystals and patchwork on theirs.”

So, if you could design a belly like a scrapbook to show the world who you are, and where your ancestors have come from…what would you put on it? Tisha can help you there as well. “This fall we have belly charms, and charm bracelets coming out. I’ve also designed a belly cake pan and cookies for celebrations.” Oh, mama! What amazing and fun show of love will you dream up for your babies next?

Tisha DeShields is the founder of the Original Belly Works and can be found at www.orignalbellyworks.com

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